TUSAM Finally Comes Out /Is Launched.

Following 26 months of quiet germination after a diverse group of South Africans from across the country and sectors first met in January 2021, TUSAM, the product of their work, has finally launched.

Solly Moeng, convenor of the United South Africa Movement (TUSAM), explained emphatically during a maiden TUSAM interview on eNCA that TUSAM had no plans to become a political party contesting elections. “We’re also not aligned to any one or group of political parties. We hope to draw our legitimacy as a citizen convening platform from this relative political neutrality, only inspired by the values of our uniting Constitution.”

TUSAM is already reaching out to various representative civil society formations and other South Africans to discuss the organisation of its proposed ‘People’s Summit’ during the second part of 2023. It is at this Summit that the people of South Africa will have an opportunity to redefine the country they want to live in. The Summit will culminate in a Charter of Resolutions that will serve as the people’s instructions to those planning to contest elections in 2024.

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