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Latest News

People’s Charter launched ahead of 2024 election

After three years of consultations, The United South Africa Movement (TUSAM) has launched the South African People’s Charter and the Charter of Citizens’ Obligations. In this interview with BizNews, TUSAM’s Solly Moeng says...

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Join TUSAM Volunteer Support Team

TUSAM is putting together a volunteer team of people who can assist with day-to-day functions, in support of the TUSAM Interim Council and the TUSAM Advisory Board – and to support the execution...

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Join TUSAM Advisory Board

In order to move forward in the best possible way TUSAM is looking for suitably qualified people who have the experience, qualifications and availability to fulfil the following high-level functions on its Interim...

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TUSAM Finally Comes Out /Is Launched.

Following 26 months of quiet germination after a diverse group of South Africans from across the country and sectors first met in January 2021, TUSAM, the product of their work, has finally launched....

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About Us


Our Constitution

TUSAM stands for the primacy of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. It aims to campaign for a vibrant, truly inclusive, and mixed economy by promoting informed, participatory democracy and calling for a return to the Rule of Law and respect for the principle of separation of powers.

TUSAM opposes the prevalent culture of impunity, criminality, elitism, vote rigging, vote buying, election fraud and corruption in the conduct of state affairs. It aims to work for the return of South Africa to the project of inclusive nation-building, reconciliation, People First, social justice, clean, transparent, and ethical governance.

Our Mission

TUSAM’s Mission is to inspire and rally individuals and groups in civil society, politics, business, and other sectors to work together towards effective and sustainable democratic change in South Africa. We aim to create a space for dialogue and collaboration that must culminate in the installation of a transparent, competent, accountable, and truly representative government. We’re determined to facilitate a concerted drive by South Africans - united in our diversity - to build a stronger, more just, and representative society for all.

Our Vision To Foster A South Africa


That Is

an economically inclusive powerhouse in Africa, with a single-digit unemployment rate. It is also a South Africa in which an environment is created to nurture the growth of a middle-class so that more people progressively move from the lower bottom of the current Economic Triangle towards the middle of a more Diamond shaped Economy, with fewer people at the bottom
a preferred destination for Foreign Direct Investments (FDI)
respected by the International Community
led by ethical, empathetic, inspirational, visionary, and balanced men and women who are emotionally intelligent, as well as loyal and accountable to all the people of South Africa.

In Which

all citizens and residents feel equally regarded and valued, irrespective of racial, ethnic, religious, gender identity and other backgrounds, and in which their values and aspirations are allowed space and nurtured to thrive
equality before the Law is valued
the rule of law is respected by all

Our Plan of Action

TUSAM will Campaign:

for a national collaboration to change the stifling status quo

for fair and open elections

for transparency and inclusiveness in public decision making

to ensure that power is exercised as close to the people as is practicable

to empower individuals and their communities, through information and unbiased voter education, to have a greater say over the decisions that affect them

for direct democratic accountability of all elected representatives in government and appointed officials in public bodies

Some of Our Project Ideas


The People's Summit


Push for the implementation of the recommendations contained in the Zondo Commission


Developing a model coalition agreement


Generic, non-partisan, voter education


Promotion of unbiased whistle blower protections


Advocacy for the removal of race-based policies in favor of more inclusive ones

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